>March Intentions

>Benedict XVI will be praying in March that all nations grow in appreciation of the dignity and value of women and their roles in society.

I love our Pope and am glad to have him praying for us gals. {Every month he has special intentions that are published and then the whole church (by which I mean, around the world!) also prays in union for his intentions.}

Granted, I have a bias, but I think that women and their contributions to building this world of ours and keeping it a better place, are, of course, incalculable. And I’m not talking only about the high profile ladies: the politicians and celebs and so on. I’m talking about the ones that go unnamed, like the one in the Haitian painting, above, or the ones that sit in the carpool pickup line, or hold their cranky child on their lap, or the ones who are only remembered now in our prayers and the stories of our children, like Guday, or Godada. As a mom, this pulls me in…as an adoptive mom, this reaffirms the eternal and deep connection between us women and what we do and how we do it. I’m just saying….our Pope, he gets it. I love that.


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