>Happy Birthday to my favorite "Leprechaun"


It’s my baby brother’s birthday!

Yup, he was born on St. Patricks day!

Yup, his name is…John.
But it was gonna be Patrick……however, my folks decided that was too obvious…
But it doesn’t matter because today is his day anyhow.

He is the brother who is so smart and so funny that he can make me laugh til I cry.
And despite the fact that he also can make me angrier (or used to) than anyone else….he is just a favorite (but I have three brothers, so I can’t officially go down this path…ahem).
He has the happiest smile and the kindest heart of anyone in our family and I miss him and love him.
He married a stunning brilliant Parisian girl (ok, now, lovely woman, we are getting older) who is a lawyer, a yoga teacher, and a chef (and still, we love her! go figure!)
He has two beautiful smart charming daughters that I don’t see nearly enough.

We two, he and I, were the last of five sibs, thus making us officially known as “the little kids” versus “the big kids.”
But we showed them, because we knew we were the smartest kids….of course!
And the two of us played together (because the big kids wouldn’t give us the time of day) for years and years as best playmates, friends and fierce competitors.
The sibling rivalry was intense – I knew he was a spoiled bratty baby, but he was great fun to play with and boss around.
He put up with me.

That shows you how nice he was and still is.
He is now a successful lawyer and family man, who still gets out to surf whenever he can and argues, well, everything, with me and disagrees with me on many many issues.
But ultimately all that doesn’t matter, because he’s my little brother.
He is good.
He is funny.
He is my brother and just thinking about him makes me smile my happiest smile.
And I’m going on record here, that, despite being my baby brother, he is grayer than I am!
He is why I love St. Patrick’s day!

{the five of us, ages ago, John is leaning his happy face on my sis -I’m on the end}
Happy Bday John!
I’ll lift a toast to you tonight!

3 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday to my favorite "Leprechaun"

  1. >How fun to be born or St. Patricks day! It would be hard to forget that birthday!!I had to smile at the big kids and little kids reference. On our recent 8 hr. trip to TX, we implemented the buddy system with our kids…one ‘big’ with one ‘little’! We say ‘find your big’ or ‘get your little’! They actually love it!I also love the pics!!

  2. >Okay, so are you ready for this? I too have a baby brother named John, whose middle name is actually Patrick. (His b-day isn’t for two more weeks though) He is the baby of the family, and he and my little sister were the “little kids” and the other three of us were the “big kids.” I too have one sister and three brothers. See, there’s a reason we’ve connected. We have a lot in common =) Our lineup goes boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. What’s yours?


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