>We Passed!!!


We are overjoyed!!!
Thanks be to God!
We can’t begin to thank everyone who supported us in prayer and thoughts and well wishes ( but I will, another post!)!
We are shaking and crying with joy (ok, me!)
and we still need prayers for her to clear her medicals but for now, we simply shout and rejoice!!!

61 thoughts on “>We Passed!!!

  1. >This is the most beautiful video ever!!!!!! I’m thrilled and over the moon for you. I hope we get to travel together. What a beautiful day. Congrats!!! She’s amazing. Forever connected by 3/31.much love,amy

  2. >Oh Marta …. what a precious girl, my friend. 🙂 She has such a radiant smile and her eyes are full of hope … she’s so ready for her new family!! Blessings to you as you wait for clearance to travel. Will continue praying!! Love, Shelly

  3. >I am smiling from ear to ear!! Blessings to you and your officially expanded family!!! Joyous, joyous day!We will continue to say prayers for a quick travel date!Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,Rebecca

  4. >Ok, I just finished watching the video…I love the video of Marta telling you all to hurry up! So sweet! And, I love that your son performed this song. What a family.

  5. >Congratulations! I am thrilled for you. I just LOVE her smile. I still wish I had the chance to meet her while I was there 😦 We are so thrilled that Marta is

  6. >How much talent and beauty can one family have? Lots, apparently! Loved the song with such a special singer. So happy for everyone – precious Marta and precious family. So happy for you all.

  7. >My heart leapt when your update appeared on my screen. Tears of joy soon followed for you. It’s amazing how happy, relieved and thankful you can feel for a family you’ve never met. I can only imagine the love you have for Marta, and she for you. The end of the journey is near and a new one is about to begin! I’m so happy for you.And Buddybug has real talent.Taniax

  8. >I no longer watch these at work – crying not really being acceptable here – but congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to watch. I hope she’s home very soon! So very happy for all of you!!!

  9. >WAHOO!! We just got home from an afternoon of running errands and I ran to the computer to check for news. I am beyond thrilled for you guys! She is beautiful! Great video too!Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations! Now go get your girl! PS: I am still secretly hoping that we get our referral in time for your travel, but alas that may not happen. Either way, you’ll have to take lots of pictures because I am sure our guy is there somewhere.

  10. >Hooray! What an answer to prayer! Michele, I couldn’t be happier for you. I know the wait to get to this point has been LONG! May the other info you need come quickly and in your favor so that you can be united at last! Hip hip hooray!!!

  11. >Oh my..I just had a chance to watch the video….I had tears streaming down my face….what a beautiful girl she is!!! Praying for the medicals to clear quickly so you can bring her home!

  12. >I have just now watched the video again. I’m gobsmacked by Marta’s radiance. She truly is lit from within—a real beauty with an achingly pure smile. And then, AND THEN!, at the end, after I’d already started singing along to the chorus of the song, there was Buddy Bug’s name, and I cannot handle this much emotion today…must go fall down and weep.

  13. >Congratulations! (I read Becca’s blog Expanding the Albertsons). Such wonderful news and such a blessing! I hope and pray that she passes medicals fast and you hear of your travel date soon!

  14. >Am I happy that I didn’t watch this at work!I’m a slobbering mess. She is so full of light, so beautiful. I hope you are able to hurry to her! Many blessings and thank you so much for sharing your joy! It’s contagious!

  15. >YEA YEA YEA! SO happy for you! The video was amazing and beautiful, and the song- my goodness your son is a talented musician! I just loved seeing Marta in so many new pictures, and so anxious to meet her new family. I can’t wait to see you together!!! I’m still praying for the medicals! JUST SO HAPPY for you!!!!!

  16. >Just linked to you through another adoption blog…Congratulations! Your daughter is so beautiful. What a captivating & infectious smile! Big tears here listening to her speak to you all on the video. Fast travel wishes to you all!

  17. >Congratulations! Marta is stunning and her beautiful smile is so very sweet!We are so happy for you! How exciting to see God’s amazing plan unfold for your family.So, so very happy for you and for Marta!

  18. >She is beautiful! Her pictures just radiate a beautiful gentle spirit – perfectly fit for your family! (Not that you NEED gentle in your house … meaning your family is a gorgeous testamony to our Lord.) I will continue to keep you all in prayer as you await her medical tests. Celebrate and tell Buddy Bug that was impressive … very nice – very talented you have much to be thankful for and I KNOW that you are. May God bless you special as we a nearing Easter and the passion of Jesus – God Bless – Juli

  19. >Marta is so beautiful!!! I assigned Marta to the Rooney’s through the Hope Chest sponsorship…. Lori wrote me yesterday that she was now forever your family! 🙂 So happy for you all!!!!

  20. >Haven’t checked our emails in a month. Your email on the very top. Cried for joy for you all. So happy for your beautiful family! God Bless Marta and you all! Eleanor, Hans and all the Broekmans, Liverpool UK


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