>In the meantime……the Meet

>Ok, I am jet lagged and recovering from being sicker than I’ve ever been….Not to mention the re-entry (and other ones now falling sick, but different kind) and reconnecting with my dear, sorely missed boys and the beginning of a whole new weave in our family. So, no real post for a bit.

There is SO much to process and adjust and sort out. It’s wonderful surreal and strange all at the same time. Unexpected and indescribable and impossible to have guessed at all the things that come with adopting an older child, good, hard, wrenching, funny, surprising…the works. Either many posts coming or maybe not so many at all, we will feel our way through {calling on friends for tips; you know who you are!}. For now we are keeping close in, finding our way to new normal….

Until then…..{Shelly, here you go}:

42 thoughts on “>In the meantime……the Meet

  1. >OMGosh!!!! The pics are beautiful, I can let out my happy sigh now. And grab my Kleenex. The girls are beautiful, love the meeting. You fit. You all just fit together- beautiful, beautiful family.

  2. >Those pictures are amazing…the joy on the faces of everyone involved 🙂 Just incredible. I am so glad that you are together at last. Sorry to hear that you have been ill. I hope that the adjustments/joys/challenges continue to bring your family closer and closer. Amy

  3. >Oh Michele the sheer unadulterated joy in Marta's face as she hugs you and the look in your face in the last photo….. no words. To breathtaking.Feel better soon!! Welcome Home!!

  4. >Welcome Home! I was so so sick in Addis….what a tough time dealing with sickness and adjustment! Hang in there, rest, & recover. I will be praying for your sweet family. My only real advice is FROG…..Fully Rely On God. 🙂 Blessings,Kristy

  5. >Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for Marta and for your family. But especially today, for Marta. That second to last picture clearly shows the relief that she felt when you came. She has been through so much. God bless her.

  6. >yay!!!!!!!!!!! so happy you guys are home, praying you to feel better and for all the adjustments and feelings that are there, love the photos, WONDERFUL! we are still waiting until we don't know when…..

  7. >Ahhhh. I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief – and dance with joy! Finally!!! The family is TOGETHER!Take time to take care of yourself and the family. We'll be waiting patiently (or not so patiently!) for you back in the blog world 🙂

  8. >I have always appreciated your honesty. LOVE to read your posts, but know too that you need to take care of yourself and your family. Your newest daughter is absolutely beautiful (they all are!). I got chills and tears seeing your pictures – can't wait to see one of all of the kiddos together!

  9. >So glad you are home…sorry so sick though!! I can't wait to hear more..please post everything (in process for an older girl right now..so I need to soak it all in!!) Congratulations!

  10. >Thank you so much for sharing your joy!You have changed the world. For your family of course, but just posting those photos, just that one act alone, will change someone else's world too!Congratulations! I hope you are all healthy very very soon.You are in my prayers whether or not you post.

  11. >So incredibly happy to see these pictures!!!!!Yes, reentry is hard…..take your time…..try to go with the flow….the new normal (whatever that is..we are still trying to figure that out) will settle in in time….Much love,Robin


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