>Not Very Wordless Wednesday


More new stuff, every day.

This is what we did on Sunday afternoon, thanks to our dear friends Jean and Matt (aka Horsedoc and Horsemom). They have a new sweet pony and she was just the right size to see, then we lucked out and Matt came back from a ride and offered a leg up to us too.
Both Gabriel and Marta are adventurous, up for trying out new things.

Bananas is horse crazy, of course, like most thirteen year old girls….
As for me, it was a blast from the long distant past. Fun!

6 thoughts on “>Not Very Wordless Wednesday

  1. >For me, this type of stuff is what is so fun about older adoptions! They're old enough to participate, and they're old enough to know it's a new, awesome experience! The wonder of it all is just plain GREAT! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Anna M

  2. >Bananas is on my heart. Hoping all is well for her. I know how hard it is for a teenager to have another enter their world. Stay strong and give it time. God be with all of you as you transition. Luv from the pack


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