>Happy Birthday Mom!


It’s my mom’s 75th birthday today!
Now, she may not be thrilled with that number, but I am!
I think it’s a fantastic thing, 3/4 of a century, and she is still going strong…
healthy and busy and happy.
I wish so much I could be with her today and give her birthday hugs and wishes in person.

And while not everything has always been simple with mom, we clash on opinions and ideas sometimes, when it comes right down to it, it’s the simplest thing in the world.
She’s my mom.
I love her.

As you can see, I have her hair!
I have her hands.
I wish I had her skill with sewing and the patience that goes with it.
She is artistic and creative, always has been.
A terrific, dedicated tennis player (I wish I had that skill too!).
She taught me how to cook.
She taught me how to juggle lots of kids.
She probably passed on her love of reading to me too, as well as her love of crosswords and puzzles.
She loves to do water aerobics nowadays and always been a fiercely good loyal friend.
Even as a kid, brought home stray puppies and still loves nature, from bugs to ocean waves.
A grade school teacher before she was a mom, still a great teacher and nature lover.
She is so smart, but never really gave herself credit for it.

Over the years I have fussed at her and about her, for different things, big and small.
I was young and foolish, mostly, but didn’t even know it.
As I too, age up a bit, I notice more and more that things I didn’t understand before, now make more sense and I have more insight into the why’s of them.
And they don’t make me fuss anymore, they make me understand and accept.
I can only hope that my children will follow that same path, eventually.

And I hope that as I grow older I make it to my 75th, as healthy as she has.
And that while I have her hands, her hair and her feet, I hope I also have her capacity to love.
Because no matter what, when it comes down to it, if I or any of her kids really need her, she is there: caring, helping, biting her tongue if she needs to maybe {or not, ha! we gals in this family are nothing if not opinionated}, but loving all the same.

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!
I love you.

5 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. >Wow..that was a beautiful post! Treasure each moment…..What I would do to talk to my mom. I have a thousand questions now that I'm a mom to 4 that I'd love to talk to her about. She passed away 4 1/2 years ago– she was 60. I miss her every day, but am thankful that I, too, finally appreciated her for everything that she was, including our differences!


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