>Happy Bday Nancy and Happy New Year!


Happy Happy Birthday to my best and only sister, Nancy!
(It’s ridiculously hard to get a picture of us, as we are both too vain, so this is it.)

I cannot keep track of precisely how old you are (you’re welcome)
But of course, the critical point is that you are, still, ever, older than me!
And since you always have and will relish that bossy pants older sister role, I get to relish being younger.
Fair’s fair in sisterhood, after all!

But, you are truly my bestest friend.
You are my role model for successful modern gal.
You, the high falutin’ attorney…partner in your own firm, in the media often, LA Unified’s secret weapon.
You juggle it all, and don’t quit.
You are Miss Fashion, always and forever.
And I will always be a little covetous of your closet.
You have me hooked now on great bags (And, happily, provide them for me).
You have a  huge heart and are generous beyond measure.
You are hard driving, opinionated, funny, but kind.

You are always, without fail, there for me when I need it.
You pick me up when I fall.
And you roll your eyes and put up with my crazy ideas and efforts.
And while over the years you have scolded me, countless times, for my lack of fashion know-how or interest, and for my lack of hairstyle or color…you have come to terms with my frump and now we are looking to our future as little old ladies together.
This will equalize that style field!
We are both kind of losing our minds at the same time.
It’s a comfort.
We can and do talk about anything and everything.

And I simply don’t know what I’d do without you.
Happiest birthday wishes to my dearest sister.
I love you so much and am unspeakably grateful for you.
I hope all your bday dreams come true.


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