>Changing the Trajectory


 One of our referral pics.

So, our little Gabey Baby is now three, of course.  We did the birthday post and all that fun.
But today we went to the doc for his well baby checkup (And on time, I’d like to point out! A rare occurrence.).
And, no surprise to me, the doc pointed out that  he is super healthy and strong and smart and well.

And Gabriel has grown. 
Not only has he grown older and faster and funnier, he has grown taller and chubbier and healthier.
Not only has he grown in his quirks and climbing ability and refusal to wear clothes….but he has grown, bodily, right off the tracks.

 Gabey and me, at Kolfe meeting Ashalew, Kathy Wolf’s son.

This is the sweet priceless benefit of home. 
Of family.  Of love and a warm  house and plentiful food and a HOME.  
Gabriel has gone from a smallish “almost 50th percentile” in height and weight, to a healthy robust thriving 75th percentile height and weight. 

His trajectory has changed. 
This is the benefit of a home, for an orphan.
This is the benefit of a home, for us all.
Studies have shown this happens, and it’s a gift to see it play out in person.
His trajectory was changed in so many ways, not the least of which is truly, literally physical.

And the unspoken, not so secret benefit of Gabriel being home, is our trajectory was changed, forever, too.  We love this boy.

7 thoughts on “>Changing the Trajectory

  1. >We had the same experience with Eby. He was so malnourished that his hair was reddish and sparse, and he couldn't walk until 20 months. Now he is literally the hugest 4 1/2 year old – he weighs 55 pounds – and is incredibly robust. People always tell us that he looks like a linebacker, and I just smile at the goodness of God and power of love.


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