>Feast of St. Agnes


El Greco, St. Agnes.

Today is the feast of St. Agnes.
St. Agnes is a patron of many, but most especially apropos today: of young girls and also those victims of sexual assault.  Considering the news of the disaster in Haiti and the spinoff news and reality of the vulnerable children stranded by this crisis there….St. Agnes and her prayers are much needed. 

St Agnes (- 304)
Agnes was filled with the love of God from an early age, vowed herself to celibacy, and when the opportunity of martyrdom arose, she did not hide away but stepped forward and took it.

  That is really all that is known: but it is enough. We who are used to compromising with the world at every turn, and would find excuses to avoid any inconveniences that our faith might cause us, let alone martyrdom (“yes, of course I would die for my faith in principle, but wouldn’t I be able do more good in the long run if I stayed alive just now?”), should admire the simple wisdom of Agnes, realise that there are moments where compromise and moral ambiguity just will not do, and pray for the strength to live up to such moments when they happen. 
From Universalis, Commentary, Office of Readings

 St. Agnes, pray for us.
Pray for the Haitian earthquake victims, especially the children.



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