>Word of joy

>It is an ancient tradition, this phrase in the liturgy.
But it’s one that keeps rolling around  my head this morning, after the beautiful late vigil Mass last night…

Rubens, “The Resurrection of Christ”

I announce to you a great joy: it is the Alleluia.”

My Chris was telling me about this being part of the Easter Vigil last year at the Vatican too. It’s not always a part of the liturgy, but the deacon brings this message to the Pope (or, in our case, our pastor) and then the bells start ringing and we sing the Alleluia once again, because today…today the news of great giddy joy IS The Alleluia!
He is risen indeed….

Michaelangelo’s drawing, “The Resurrection of Christ”
Happy Joyful Glorious Easter! 
My favorite day of the year.

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