>Setting Fire


Today is the feast day of another of my favorite saints, more so now than ever: St. Catherine of Siena.
Siena also happens to be one of my top two favorite towns in Italy, I loved it there!
So much to say about this saint, but this quote from this amazing holy faithful pushy humble strong woman, Doctor of the Church, really sums it up:

“If you are who God made you to be, you will set the whole world on fire!”
-St. Catherine

4 thoughts on “>Setting Fire

  1. >Ah, Christine, the garden… pondering…scaling back. Got basil and herbs in tho and they are going great guns, always wonderful. A peony is beginning to bloom, my roses are sadder than sad maybe dead idk…and I"m thinking of turning the raised beds over to kiddos and just tend a few tomato pots. A busy summer ahead, intense….so I am feeling I might need to pull back..HTanks for asking tho….I'll post when I get really into the mucking about in the dirt. How bout you? or is it just the chicks now?


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