50 for 50: Coffeedoc

Coffeedoc has a big birthday!

So my dear sweet husband turns 50 today.  He’s not too thrilled about it, but I am!!

Because that means that we get to celebrate it big!    And that means that he is once again older than me, just, which sits better with me….ha! Because he is an awesome wonderful fifty, I’ve put up a little something special.  While I was tempted to do a fifty for fifty bullet post, telling you all fifty faboo things about my Tom…. Instead I have chosen to SHOW you fifty moments with my Tom…they are a mere glance over his wonderful life and ours with him.

So, in no particular order……enjoy! We do, every day!

Happy Happy Fiftieth Birthday Thomas!!!

You are the best of the best.  

We all love you so!!!

8 thoughts on “50 for 50: Coffeedoc

  1. Happy birthday Tom, Godfather to my kids, good friend we can call at any hour, husband of my friend I like to pester, overall great guy, enjoy your day and the wisdom obtained in these 50 years!


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