And Many More!

It’s my wonderful Mom’s birthday today!!!!

Marta says “Grandma, have cake!”

I’ll keep this short and just say, I miss her.  I wish I lived nearby so we could have easy great visits like this past summer.  It was the best, just being able to drop in on her after Buddybug and I got all stinky  playing tennis. I could laugh about getting thrashed by my son, we’d talk tennis and she’d make him a quick lunch from leftovers.

I wish her the  most wonderful relaxing and  happy birthday that can be.

I wish her phones calls from her favorite folks in the world, her sister and her friends.

My Sis, deliver the goods (hugs) for me.

I will call and sing the birthday song to her, badly, as ever.  She will smile (I can hear it when she does) and say thank you and we will hit the highlights of her special day.  I will task my sister with giving her a big birthday hug from ME, delivered by proxy but still mine.

I know that this birthday has been weighing on her, aging up can be a psychic drag but then again, she’s doing it with flare and still going strong as can be.

This past July, such a great visit!

I love you Mom! You’re the best of moms!

I’m shouting my, and all of our, birthday wishes to the world:

Happy Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!

1 thought on “And Many More!

  1. Happy birthday, Mrs. Mahan!!!! I hope you do all the things you love to do. I’m working on a story to send Chris but I’m gonna send it to you too. It was so good visiting with you this summer. I hope to do it again soon!!


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