Patron for the teens….

OK, yesterday it was the feast of St. Monica…today is the feast of St. Augustine!

For last years take on this, go here.  But this year, well, this year I’ve got my mind and heart all wrapped up in teenhood and those wild teen  years.  And that has Augustine written all over it!

Yeah, because as most of us know, Augustine…he was all about sowing his wild oats.   He did the whole teen “I know everything” thing….even getting all involved in some pop heresies of they day.  He was the “New Ager” of his time, or maybe the “Christian Scientist” of his time.  He loved to pontificate. He loved to party.  He loved the socializing. He loved the libations of all stripse.  He loved the women.  He lived with a girl, even fathering a child out of wedlock.  He was any mother’s nightmare, considering.

And yet, he wasn’t.  Because he still had a soft spot for his mom.  He would trek back to see her when he traveled.  He endured her entreaties to change his life around without storming off and writing her out of his mind and heart.  He ignored her,  utterly.  But he loved her.  And oh, she loved him.  And that was the saving Grace.  Literally.  Finally, the truth of real love hit him like a ton of bricks and blew his mind.  And his heart exploded. He put his prodigious mind toward what is true and started plumbing the depths of that truth….and we, even we moderns, are now the happy recipients of his writings and his thoughts and prayers.  God took his wild ways and turned them, reinvented them into something SO SO much bigger than they ever coulda been on their own measly pompus youthful steam and let them develop into something so big that he is a Doctor of the Church for the wisdom of his writings and the depth of his prayers.

His life cuts across our measly modern denominational boundaries with the keen edge of theological truth and beauty.  He grew from a standard wild youth that any mom would sigh and fret over…into a strong man, a saint, that any mom would be proud of.  So, moms…..therein is our hope during these tumultuous teen years.  Teens, here is a role model for you…if you have the courage to look closely. I dare  you!

“You have made us for yourself, oh God. 
And our hearts are restless, until they rest in you.

Happy Feast Day!

St. Augustine, pray for us!

1 thought on “Patron for the teens….

  1. Kate from Sweet Ridge Sisters here. This is such a great passionate telling of Augustine’s saint story! Now that my husband is back in school- teaching high school religion- we are back to early morning breakfast and coffee. When I am not wrestling the baby slung around my body and frantically making his lunch, I sit down on the couch and read the Saint of the Day to him. It is Lives of the Saints Vol. 2. I think it should be titled Even More Obscure Saints. I like the obscurity and odd names, BUT the telling is dry dry dry. You should write a saint book for me to read. Failing that, any good recommendations for Saint a Day books?


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