Conference, day two

So here I am at lunch, day two (and final) of this conference. I guess I’m doing wht they call “live blogging”…..yeah thats right, I’m just hip like that!

Another great morning. I have missed running into a new friend (Elaine, where are you?) but have a good seat and the talks have been very good, meaty, much to digest. Additionally, we’ve heard two personal stories from extra guest speakers: moms who have been “through the fire,” so to speak. One of them was the great fav blogger pal of mine, Lisa Qualls (from the “one thankful mom” blog, a minimum daily requirement blog for me). No surprise, she gave a moving talk; brought numerous folks to tears…inspired. Another speaker was a gal named Debbie (I’m sorry I can’t remember her last name at this second) and her story also was just inspirational. And all too close to home for me…not in all ways, but, the ones that count. Yeah, blinking away in my seat again.

The other talks this morning laid the groundwork for the afternoon sessions: talking about sensory processing deficits and integration, the effects of history of brain development and so on. This afternoon is about addressing behaviors arising from some of these issues and finding ways to heal and connect. Of course, because thats what this conference is all about.

And i am grateful to be here. I’m getting close to maximum saturation myself…fantasizing a bit about a double espresso and some good chocolate to perk me up. ( I know, supposed to pound the water instead….what can I say, old dog, not many new tricks, etc etc…). But I’m gonna take notes in these afternoon sessions….I know they will be helpful. And they are, not only for my kids who have difficult needs or backgrounds…but really so much of this is good for all of my kids. Each and every one. And can I use reminders, refreshers, and new ideas? Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. Every single day.

So, heading back in. I have met some really nice people- Jamey of Zehlalum family! Lisa! Buttercup from Farmboy and buttercup (old virtual pals,that one, very nice to connect in person!)….and tho I still feel like my usual doofy self, I do love meeting these gals…a great treat! So, this afternoon if any of you are here or reading this, come say hi! I’m still the old gray mom, looking desperate for more caffeine and maybe some M&M’s…..

Connections and conferences – great buoys in the adoptive life.

8 thoughts on “Conference, day two

  1. Okay — Officially jealous! Here I am going through another transition with our newly arrived 4 and 5 year old. Need a little cup filling I guess. Sounds like a good conference; thanks for sharing!


    • Jamey, I was so glad to meet you too! And your pals! And I looked for you yesterday but the day got away from me with an odd busy to it and also a saturation point with so much to think about….I hope you liked the conference. I found it really great and am already all “can you try that again with respect?” around my house. Whooha! And as for the “old”…well, if the (orthopedic) shoe fits……well, you get the idea! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Loved meeting you, Michelle!! We’re on our way home now. Thought today’s readings were perfect post conference readings, especially Philippians 2. Say hello to coffeedoc for us.–Elaine

  3. hey there!
    So glad you got to attend the conference. I’ve only done the online stuff for my CEU’s, but I imagine in-person is intense and valuable. i’m jealous that you got to see “buttercup”… amazing lady she is… we traveled to Ethio together! (and we snuggled your little man! and brought that care package!) Such great memories.
    Hope you are well!

    • It was great Becca, thank you! And it was great meeting buttercup too! So fun & I reminded them about cuddling my gabe! So now the thing is to see you there/here next year??!!!! Huh? Great idea!

  4. Finally catching up on some blogs. I so, so, so enjoyed meeting you in person. Would have loved to have shared a cup of coffee with you and really talked for a couple of hours. I have just read through some of your recent posts and remember why I got so caught up in reading them in the first place. I made a commitment to myself to try to refrain (I know, that is a really wishy washy commitment) from spending too much time stalking, but may have to tune in to my favorite ones occasionally. You are doing so well at this adoption thing… to hear from those that are flourishing (you really are) amidst all the messiness of it all.

    Take care!!!


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