Fabulous Fifteen!

Happy Happy Birthday to our Marta Therese!

She is now a fantastic Fifteen years old

And here are fifteen things about our girl:

  1. She is now a helper for the girls basketball team!
  2. She is a big sports fan.
  3. She is gifted at working with the elderly.
  4. She loves her some boots!
  5. She is fashion crazy.
  6. Shopping is a favorite event.
  7. As is going to the movies.
  8. She’s crazy for country music.
  9. And, always and ever: pasta
  10. Her newest friend is Father James
  11. She adores her older brothers
  12. and her bulldog puppy.
  13. Her braces are off!
  14. and so she is chewing a LOT of gum!
  15. And, she has “magic hair.”
We are so proud of you and hope all your birthday dreams come true!
We love you!
And yes, I’m making your Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake!
Because it’s your birthday, and you LOVE LOVE cake!
Happy 15th Birthday, our Marti!

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