Friar Friday Fun

Just to show that I’m not simply wallowing in melancholy about Brother Peter Joseph and all these changes, I thought I’d shoot this post up as a change of pace for you all on this overloaded “Black Friday.”  While we all sit around, still full from the feast, and/or out busting down the deals, this is a refreshing glimpse into a part of religious life we don’t tend to see.

It’s a palate cleanser, of sorts!

Because religious life is a way of living life to the fullest, I think.  The boot camp novitiate phase of it is a bit more restricted on purpose, though they still get out and play and engage in sports and whatnot.  But take a look at this, bet ya don’t think of friars as surf rats, now, do ya?  That’s what I love about these Dominicans, they can’t be slotted into one type…they are each their own unique wonderful selves….maybe more so than any of the rest of us.  Now, there’s something to chew on over this weekend feast!


Surfing and Spirituality from Province of Saint Joseph on Vimeo.

h/t to Fr. Benedict!


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