Looking for Good…this Friday

It’s Good Friday.

Perhaps the hardest day of the year.  And, as I try to keep my eyes on him today and prayerfully, quietly, walk through this hard hungry jangled day….I want to remember this:

What Our Savior Saw From the Cross
James Tissot, 1836-1902

He kept his eyes on us.


And, my hope and my joy is that he still does and will.  Forever.

Blessed Good Friday to you on this High Holy Day.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Good…this Friday

  1. Very difficult mass today. Felt myself moved to tears. Feeling very thankful, and received a very special answered prayer. Powerful day! Miss stopping by here, will do so more often!

    • Jess I know just what you mean about the Mass and day today glad you had an answered prayer… Hoping for good news for you. Always! Love!


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