Feast of St Andrew

El Greco, 1606, “St Andrew”

It’s the Feast of St Andrew!

Now, you know I have a soft spot for brothers, well, St Andrew is, of course, the brother of another big hitter saint: St Peter.  He was the first apostle called by Christ, and he and his brother dropped everything, their nets, and followed Christ.  Impulsive intuitive certain faith; recognizing the nudge of the Holy Spirit…..they were a courageous pair.

Fitting that today his feast day lands on Friday, as he was a fisherman and Friday’s are typically no meat days.  So we can have some lovely fish tonight in celebration of this saint who lead the way.  I love the saints, and I love stories of brothers.

We humbly entreat thy majesty, O Lord,
that the blessed apostle Andrew may be as constant an advocate for us in Thy court as he was eminent in preaching and ruling over Thy Church. Amen.

– Collect for the Feast of Saint Andrew



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