>Divine Mercy Sunday


It’s Divine Mercy Sunday. The eighth day in the octave of Easter. In our measly effort to mark the day, we are going to watch the Saint Faustina movie this afternoon and maybe try to be merciful to each other, in the little things. Just maybe, be mindful of being a tad more patient and tolerant of those irritating day to day things that happen in a family. Not so easy. There’s that line in the ‘Our Father’: “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Sigh. Gets me every time. Ow. Much harder than it sounds, eh? For me, at any rate. Read more about Divine Mercy Sunday here.

2 thoughts on “>Divine Mercy Sunday

  1. >I would love to take some pics for you! You can email some info at shoes@megavision.com. Your email address, your babe’s name (I’ll probably print off the emails for my own knowledge when we get there.) and whatever else I would maybe need to know.


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