>Archangel Gabriel, Ethiopian Icon


The Archangel Gabriel
From an icon of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

This is of course, in keeping with the feast of the Annunciation today, had to put this up too, since you don’t have the annunciation without the messenger!

Now I love icons, they are called, “windows into heaven.” I haven’t seen too many icons from Ethiopia (although you can find some more and read about them here), but I did run across these and I am tickled to find Ethiopian versions. It’s especially nice to find an Archangel Gabriel who is not only depicted w/ flowing blond hair… We have a particular fondness for Gabriel, the messenger, and we hope he is watching over our boy in Ethiopia even now.

>The Feast of the Annunciation


Today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation, (moved from March 25th, due to lent). This is the day the church celebrates the feast of the Annunciation: the Archangel Gabriel coming to Mary and the most important “yes” ever in history. Fiat. “Yes, I will.” Her consent to become the Mother of God. Read more if you like here.

As an adoptive mom, and a mom of biological kids, I tremble (with that adrenaline rush of shocked thrill and joy, but also with the ‘bigness’ of it all) each time we are presented with a child, or even when the child is “announced.” I cannot imagine how she must have trembled. And yet, she said “let it be done.” It is an awesome and fearsome responsibility, to care for a child and give them what they need – this gift from God.

We are waiting impatiently to go get our little boy. As I worry, dream, and wonder about him, this feast day resonates with me.

There are so many unknowns, is he ok, will he be ok, will he bond to us, what will make him laugh, will he be frightened and wary, will I be good enough to work through it all and do well enough by him and all our kids, what kind of cookies will he like, how soon can we get there, will the traveling work out, will he pass court, will we be able to make him smile, how will he feel in my arms, will he and his just older brother be close and laugh and wrestle, will just being there tear my heart open again and again? I stare at his pictures, imprinting his eyes, his face.

But even as all those wonders and worries float around in my head, I hear Mary’s echo from long ago: Fiat. I will. We will. Let it be done. We will love and raise this boy, our own, fiat.