Wordless Wednesday; feast day edition

St. Bartholomew, by Johannes van Bronchorst, 1652

Almighty God, strengthen us in that faith

  with which Saint Bartholomew gave himself wholeheartedly to Christ your Son”

from the Divine Office

St. Bartholomew, on your feast day, pray for us!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Just had a birthday, right? Another day older…um, ok, year.

Which means I’m a risk taker now…that happens when you look down the barrel of fifty….

Which also explains why I have wrinkles on my ankles.  Sigh.

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>Almost Wordless Wednesday


Last Summer Day Edition.
Look at that water…..I could drown any of my sighs just looking at that water.
I might have to go try to paint it, the water….
this pic makes me think of David Hockney paintings from L.A….
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