>Wordless Wednesday: saint edition


It’s the feast of St. Clare today!

As you all know, she’s the great friend of St. Francis of Assisi, and founder of the sister order to his Franciscans: the Poor Clares.   It’s wordless wednesday, so I’ll not write much more (shock, I know)…except this quote and then prayer that sums it up from St. Clare:

“Love God, serve God, everything is in that.”

“Let us pray to God together for each other,
for, by sharing each other’s burden of charity in this way,
we shall easily fulfill the law of Christ.”

St. Clare of Assisi

The Basilica of St. Clare, Assisi 
{that’s Jon and Marta way up in the photo, tiny}

>Saintly Almost Wordless Wednesday


It’s the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha today!

She is the patron of environmentalists and turtle lovers (that part is for you Julie! But, true.).
I always think of my Mom when I think of her, I’m not sure why.
But, anyhow, she’s a cool Blessed and the first Native American to be declared so. 
Go check her out.
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us!

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>Almost Wordless Wednesday


St. Patrick’s Well.  {Pozzio di San Patrizio} Orvieto, Italy.

A very cool 16th Century well, huge, 175 ft deep, 45 ft. wide. Built with a double helix stairway.  
One up, one down. Early traffic planning, to say the least. 496 steps.   

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>Almost Wordless Wednesday


Last day: Montepulciano 
(yeah, that Montepulciano…you crazy gals know what I’m talking about.).

 Our little town: Lucignano.  Home base, we all fell in love.
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>Flooding Wordless Wednesday: Sung by Johnny

>As many of you know, we’ve had a disaster here in Nashville.   It’s surreal, in a way.  The storms hit hard and fast and stayed and simply poured, and poured, and poured.  We have survived tornadoes many a time, drought and locusts (ok, cicadas, but still…).  Now we have the flood. We will survive that too.  Because we are Nashville, and the people here are really kind of amazing.  Our own house, “Coffeehouse”, if  you will (ha!), is fine.  Minor hassle and inconvenience and expense.  Nothing.  So many have lost so much, watch this, below. 

Then, please consider helping out some of these organizations, money, time, donations of items….even small bit makes a difference. These are some great organizations that are already making a difference. Full recovery from this crazy devastating flood is going to take a long time. So many have lost everything, and the city itself took a big hit. You can help lend a hand, help someone out of the water. Thanks!

Hands On Nashville
Mid Tenn Red Cross
Community Foundation of Middle TN
Second Harvest Food Bank
Gallatin Shalom Zone
Samaritans Purse
Nashvillest: so Nashville is flooded how can I help?

>Really not so Wordless Wednesday


We all survived prom weekend.

We had the post party all-nighter at our house with this basic group of kids, below, plus a few more (plus my own and a few friends of Hannah’s).   About 30 total. Yes, we are all still tired. But it was actually kind of easy because that group is a bunch of great fun nice good kids.

This is why we did it….see those faces?  We love these kids.  Really.  They are all terrific and these few, below? Extra special.

Jon and his one of his best buds: Taylor. Goofy boys. {This pic of Jon makes me smile, he looks like he’s six, pretending to be 18.  That’s his face I loved growing up.}
Jon and his sweet girlfriend, Leslie, below.

Beautiful kids, all of them, inside and out.

>Almost Wordless Wednesday


O Tannenbaum, part deux.
Decorating the tree (it turned out more, um, “petite” than expected, but still pretty)
with the traditional hot chocolate by the twinkling lights after.
Ah, tradition.

>Almost Wordless Wednesday


The kids had a big time at the pumpkin farm Sunday.
The younger ones did some swinging
(the older ones thought they were too cool).
You can see them all below….

Look closely…..who’s hitched a hideaway ride?

Autumn. Love it.

>Almost Wordless Wednesday


For the Record: Half the grandkids
(yeah, we make up half, how ’bout that?)

on Grandma’s 75th bday last week.
Even with Little Man goofing for the camera,
one of the few of them all together, so…worth it!

>Not So Wordless Wednesday

>Well, it’s Wednesday and I was up a fair lot last night, with insomnia. But, oddly, enough, with a newer sense of calm. And so in that spirit I figured I’d put up this pic today. I like it. That’s my Buddybug up there with the guitar (squint real hard, or click the pic, you’ll see him). This was the Eucharistic Procession up at his college about a week or so ago. It was cool and my boy and one of the music groups he plays in, the Four-Seven Band, were stationed to play at the third altar for the procession. He said it was great. Of course it was. It’s always great, to carry Christ out to the world…whether in a reverent official procession, above, or mindfully in our own selves, every day (ideally).

That said, I need to give a particular nod of thanks to Fr. Gideon. Well, really, to all of you faithful generous souls who have been praying.

No. We have no news.

But I have reached a state of some peace and while still very sad that we are not united as a family yet, I am not raging to control the universe or sway God’s own mind. Not today at any rate. I’ll take a few days off, maybe. {And yeah, I’m sure I’ll be right back at it in a day or so…old habits and all.}

My Pastor, Fr. Gideon, has been nudging me, ok, not so subtly, he’s been pushing me to accept God’s will and that this might well be beyond our control without the spinning twirling whirling dervish of my control buttons gone wild. He continues to point out how much more peaceful and gentle and calm life is when you do.

I know this, intellectually. It’s not rocket science. It’s not a huge secret.
It’s just the doing that is so hard, especially for us type A gals….

He has laughed gently at me, listened to my tears, and prayed for me and us and kindly smiled at me when he saw I was still thrashing about. So. Father Gideon, just so you know: I’m there, for the moment, for today. And you’re right, what a surprise, ahem….. I’ll take it. Thank you. All.

>Almost Wordless Wednesday

>This one is for our far flung family.
It’s the prom pics!This is Booboo and his sweet date; a lovely girl in every way.
They sure ‘clean up good!’
And below is a happy pic of happy son and happy parents, so we need it officially “on the record!”I know, I know….. prom pics. But, indulge me….Besides, you knew they were coming…it’s the only way for much of my family to see them. (Not everyone is on facebook…)
And besides, you youngsters…someday this will be you, the mom w/ the pics of her kids….
The best part of prom is that it was seemingly a great success (big shindig at our house, faboo food by another mom, amazing cook!), and it’s done!