>Aerobic Mass, part two


Another Aerobic Mass today.

{I should’a known, really.
We went to the later mass,
since we had to say an early goodbye to Buddybug this morning.
So, I
prayed the “humility prayer” to try
to settle my moody self this morning.
What was I thinking?
It works
every time, doggone it.}

But even so….You know it’s a peak day when you get these comments:
“Oh, I see it’s one of those days!”
“I heard him.”
“He’s sure a handful!”

Or, my personal favorite:
“Well, I hope you can have a good week!”

Good thing he’s so cuddly the rest of the time!
And one more thing, while I would have LOVED to be there…
probably best we weren’t at Mass or Vespers here.But, oh to be there for this…
the new liturgical year begins today. Go, see. (h/t to American Papist).

4 thoughts on “>Aerobic Mass, part two

  1. >I get such JOY out of reading your “real-life – tell it like it is” blog! I too enjoy aerobic mass – with a smile from our priest periodically! I sometimes find myself apologizing for my kiddos antics (2, just 4, and 9) and tell those around me that God has given me kiddos to keep me humble and keep me close to Him. There are days when I KNOW without his help and my Mom up there with him I might not make it through. Keep the blogs rolling – love them! (BTW … Friend of Andrea’s from NE … that is how I am “linked” to you!)

  2. >Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I would love it if you had some pictures to share. It is so neat to hear about the girls from people who have met them–soon I will get to meet them, too!!


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