She said yes!

I feel a bit like Sally Field right now: “she likes us, she really likes us!”

Yesterday Ryan introduced us to our new daughter. As she is an older child, she has the right to decide if she wants to be adopted, and if so, if she wants to be adopted by us.

But, she does!!

It’s so exciting! Ryan read her our intro letter, with pictures (and we didn’t scare her off! wonders!), and Tafesse translated. And she smiled and was excited and said yes! Awo! (“yes”, in Amharic, I’m learning…).

So this is a joyful day! We’ve ‘met’ from afar. And though it is a nonstandard meet, that is the nature of adoption, it’s all different and yet it works in it’s own way. And yes, we still have so much longer to go: official referral papers, Ethiopian paper chase, court petition, court date, travel…..

But this was huge…we’ve been waiting for this day. And you know, it makes it so much more real. It feels so much more connected. It made me cry (I know, not much of a surprise, that). We were lucky enough to get a few pictures too, the best ones we have so far! I wish we were there in person to hug her tight. But for now, we will print these out and hang them in the usual places: fridge, bathroom mirror, etc, to keep imprinting this sweet face on our minds and hearts and family. And we’ll celebrate these landmarks as they arrive, because that’s how we get through the process…so:

We’ve met each other for real! What a day!