>Aerobic Mass, part two


Another Aerobic Mass today.

{I should’a known, really.
We went to the later mass,
since we had to say an early goodbye to Buddybug this morning.
So, I
prayed the “humility prayer” to try
to settle my moody self this morning.
What was I thinking?
It works
every time, doggone it.}

But even so….You know it’s a peak day when you get these comments:
“Oh, I see it’s one of those days!”
“I heard him.”
“He’s sure a handful!”

Or, my personal favorite:
“Well, I hope you can have a good week!”

Good thing he’s so cuddly the rest of the time!
And one more thing, while I would have LOVED to be there…
probably best we weren’t at Mass or Vespers here.But, oh to be there for this…
the new liturgical year begins today. Go, see. (h/t to American Papist).