>Really not so Wordless Wednesday


We all survived prom weekend.

We had the post party all-nighter at our house with this basic group of kids, below, plus a few more (plus my own and a few friends of Hannah’s).   About 30 total. Yes, we are all still tired. But it was actually kind of easy because that group is a bunch of great fun nice good kids.

This is why we did it….see those faces?  We love these kids.  Really.  They are all terrific and these few, below? Extra special.

Jon and his one of his best buds: Taylor. Goofy boys. {This pic of Jon makes me smile, he looks like he’s six, pretending to be 18.  That’s his face I loved growing up.}
Jon and his sweet girlfriend, Leslie, below.

Beautiful kids, all of them, inside and out.

2 thoughts on “>Really not so Wordless Wednesday

  1. >they all look so lovely and classy and cute! and yet, i still dread this for my kids. i should look forward to it! but i don't! maybe b/c it means they'll leave me shortly thereafter… ah prom (i remember loving it for myself, though :). you are such a nice host mama! 🙂


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