>One to One: barefoot

>So today is a day to go barefoot….not only because we all prefer it when it’s warm (c’mon, you know you do)…but because it can  help a good cause:

Today is the day that TOMS, the cool shoe company and one of my personal favs, has a push for awareness about the need for shoes, worldwide.  Go to their site, go see, watch below.

Now, once in a blue moon folks ask me to post a pitch for their products (I know, imagine! Me, who’da thunk it?).  And I almost never do it.  Because really, I’m not anyone that folks ask for opinions or reviews.  And so, I offer them freely, on the things I USE, HAVE, or THINK about.  And only those things.

But these shoes are one of those.
I love TOMS!
I have a number of pairs, which makes my husband kind of crazy.  He of the fashion challenged maleness doesn’t understand the style differences and needs between pairs.
But they are the shoes that make me happy: because they are so cute, because they are so comfy, and most of all because they get a kid who needs shoes a pair.  So, they are worth it.
Kids, shoes….c’mon it’s a mom template.  

So think about it.  Think about your feet.  I have very cranky feet and I utterly appreciate good shoes. 
Everyone deserves a pair of shoes, at the very least.  Everyone.

Moms always want kids to put on their shoes.
Now you can help with that.
Wiggle your toes.
Feel your feetThen, go buy a shoe, give a kid a shoe. 
One to One.