>CSI: Adoption edition

>Maybe I should title it “ASI” : Adoption scene investigation.
Because ok, “crime scene”….no. But, “investigation”…yes.

Got your attention tho, huh? Good.
Because I need to call out for input; trying to figure something out.

Name changes.
Marta just told me that she had “baby name!”
NOT a nickname, a wholly different name.  
Now, I think it was so cute (and so did her mom)! Not sharing it online tho, not yet, maybe not at all (just because I haven’t asked permission, cut also because she says she didn’t like it and “13.  Marta, no baby, Marta”).

However, I want to find out what this is/was about:
1. a custom?
2. a religous event, similar to our confirmation in the Catholic church?  She is/was Orthodox, but they confirm at the same time as baptism, in infancy.
3. a legal thing, since they don’t track birth certificates?
4. something having to do with school?

Ideas? Knowledge?
Any of  you Ethiopians out there who have stopped by the blog (yes, I know, a reach, just trying to brainstorm…) have info on this?
Any of you parents of older Ethiopian kids have any info, or can ask?

Marta’s name change involved her and her father consulting with the “Abbat”, or priest, and writing it down in a book in their church for the record.  Thus, my conclusion that it might be sacramental.  However, seems upon my quick research…. maybe not.
It might just be an individual way of changing a  name as she said her dad wanted to do so. 
I don’t know.  But, our info is so limited that I am hoping to find out more.  Please comment or email me if  you have further knowledge or possible links.  Thanks all!