6 thoughts on “>(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. >Every time I show Addison a picture of Tariku she gets a huge smile on her face and tries to grab for his picture. I can’t help but think she remembers him. It is SO cute! I just wanted to share that with you!He looks SO happy!! It’s such a great feeling to see smiles from ear to ear on the kids’ faces! 🙂

  2. >OK, it makes me so happy to hear that, I don’t know…that whole connected thing. I hate to think about losing that…need to work on it and don’t want to. This pic made us laugh (in real time too) as he is looking a little crazed. You can’t here the piercing yell that accompanies that look. Wow. THanks Andrea, you made my afternoon!

  3. >ack, don’t jump on me!I meant: “don’t want to lose it, not don’t want to” work on it. Sheesh….need more coffee. What can I say. He’s fun and funny but he’s NOT a sleeper! oops!


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