>Happy Day! Tradition!


Oh, this is one of the very happy traditions for us!! Happy happy day!
Yup, guess what we did this morning?
We had our state/U.S. readoption of our sweet Gabriel!
Hip hip hooray!
Waiting to be meet our favorite attorney and be allowed in to courtroom.

This is becoming a tradition for us:
Same courtroom, same attorney, same judge, same joy!

We always go out to brunch to celebrate after court…
(excuse the messy table…ahem)

And the family traditions continue…..


That’s me. Ok, not really, not the eye there. That would be Bananas. But the insomnia. That’s me. I can’t sleep. This is how I get sometimes, when stuff is brewing and/or I am stewing. We have a big event today, a happy one, I’ll post about it a little later. But this morning, I am up and have been. Insomnia. Eyes wide open. And hopefully, heads and hearts too.