>Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

>Things I like about coming home:

Not having to fly anymore.
Sleeping in our own beds.
Cooking in my own kitchen.
Being able to make homemade bread and yogurt.
Using cloth diapers again!
Pounding hot shower.
Happy dog.
Being able to talk to girlfriends.
Listening to my son play piano and guitar and sing.
Visiting the Dominican Sisters.
Mass with our Bishop, special treat!
A car with space for all my kids.
Fresh vine grown tomatoes and flourishing basil plant, made into cecca.
No more airport lines.
Gas almost, almost, a dollar cheaper!
Cloth diapers.
Laundry, despite the mountains of it.
Children happy to sleep in their own beds.
Watching the small boys race cars in the kitchen.
Watching the big boys wrestle.
All of us, watching the most amazing men’s finals in Wimbledon, ever – cool inside.
The soft summer air here.
The slower pace.
The open space (relatively typing).
The quiet.
New homeschool curriculum waiting to be perused.
Cooking more Real food, eating less junk food.
Family rosaries around our bed.
Our big long old wood table, able to seat us all, together, for dinner again.

Yes, it’s all about the food, I see that.
And yes, it’s so nice to go on vacation!
But it’s OH so nice to come home again!