>How’z that again?

>If this isn’t the closest analogy to how a big, erm, MY family works on it’s best day, I don’t know what is…. Perhaps this is more apropos of a large family, but still, this made me laugh and tonight I saw this and realized, “Oh  yeah, and that’s what happens in our house, on our BEST days.”  No kidding.
Take a look at this:

Yeah, think about it….{And while you’re at it, think about ALL the ways it can go wrong too…that too SO describes my family life! Ha!}
Yup. I know!
I thought so too.
{h/t to Buddybug}

2 thoughts on “>How’z that again?

  1. >Too funny! Now, I suppose we should get something done today! The kids have asked to watch this video FAR TOO MANY times this morning! Thanks for sharing – yes, it does resemble our daily life many days, too!


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