>Feast Day: All Saints Day!


It’s All Saints Day today!

And while I might be calling on all the saints to intercede for me to save my computer…then again, I might not because I’m not sure that would be right. Tempting, yes. But I really don’t want to be a pest.

However, this is a fun happy feast day, a solemnity and one of the biggies historically in the Church. We just got back from Mass as it’s officially a Holy Day of Obligation (though Mass hardly feels like an obligation, but rather a gift).

Today is the day the Church celebrates and honors all the saints in heaven: the big hitters like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Jude, and St. John of the Cross, but also the smaller saints that are less well known like St. Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs, or St. Felicity, and the saints in heaven that are not officially recognized or known here on earth. So I’m thinking that is some big party up there and it’s a happy day. Everybody gets a ribbon!

So I do love this day, it’s a cool weekend trio really. You’ve got your Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead of course) on All Hallows Eve (Halloween, of course) and then All Saints Day and tomorrow, All Souls Day. Because we Catholics, we still feel connected to our loved ones once they are gone. Often more so because the physical restraints of our bodies are removed in heaven and thus they can be closer to you in prayer now, than when these loved ones might have been states apart on earth. That gives me great comfort. These are the days to be reminded that the veil between this life here on earth and the next can be awfully thin at times – and we can only marvel and wonder.

So today say thanks for the saints, the holy ones, {“sanctus“}. Because they show us the way, in all their own individual unique lives, how to strive for holiness in our own. So have a chat with your favorite saint or go meet a new one; they are great pals, supports and even cheerleaders for us on our way.

All the saints, pray for us!

>Copmuter Crash, trying not to panic….

>Ok, our main computer seems to have had a hard drive crash. Perhaps this is a left over trick from last night?? But hey, I would have given out the treats, I’ve got bowls of candy left over!

So I’m trying to breathe: hoo ha hoo hoo ha, and to wait for Coffeedoc to get back from his morning outing and help recover it. This hard drive had everything: pics, documents (adoption ones) emails forever….hoo hoo ha, breathe. {And please, no lectures, yes I know about backing up, and we haven’t well enough and we are bad at maintenance…I don’t need the stress right now, thanks though}

This computer is a MAC for pete’s sake! I thought they didn’t crash! For the moment, I am off to surf the net on this old computer and hope to find some simple easy “press these two buttons” recovery prescription. Good thing I have all that candy, this is stressing me out, I might need some help from Baby Ruth.

If any of you out in blogdom have any experience and a quick simple fix, please email me (I can get it on my cell).