>Copmuter Crash, trying not to panic….

>Ok, our main computer seems to have had a hard drive crash. Perhaps this is a left over trick from last night?? But hey, I would have given out the treats, I’ve got bowls of candy left over!

So I’m trying to breathe: hoo ha hoo hoo ha, and to wait for Coffeedoc to get back from his morning outing and help recover it. This hard drive had everything: pics, documents (adoption ones) emails forever….hoo hoo ha, breathe. {And please, no lectures, yes I know about backing up, and we haven’t well enough and we are bad at maintenance…I don’t need the stress right now, thanks though}

This computer is a MAC for pete’s sake! I thought they didn’t crash! For the moment, I am off to surf the net on this old computer and hope to find some simple easy “press these two buttons” recovery prescription. Good thing I have all that candy, this is stressing me out, I might need some help from Baby Ruth.

If any of you out in blogdom have any experience and a quick simple fix, please email me (I can get it on my cell).


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