Calling all techies: WordPress edition

Why, oh why, did I only take art and art history classes in college? Why didn’t someone make me take programming, even in basic? Ok, really, even that probably wouldn’t help me since I was in college in the age of the dinosaurs. I mean, one of my  first jobs after college was designing computer games: the art and the screens you saw and played on {Remember the Amiga? Atari? Plain old basic Apple? Yup}.  So, that should give you some idea of how old I am and also a teeny bit of cred in my tech ability department, right? Hmm, maybe.

That's really me, I dress up all nice like that, every time I post....

Ok, so, I’m fiddling and twiddling with the blog… and getting frustrated a bit.  And since I  have an insanely busy 4-5 days ahead and no time to blog, I’ll leave this here for a few days to see if I can troll for help.

This post is to throw out to the techno space a question or two, because I’m wasting waaaay too much time trying to figure it out: I have a coupla questions:

1. How do I save the theme/settings/look of my blog if I’m practicing w/ another theme setting so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I try out a tweak? I know the whole “child theme” deal, but can’t really figure it out.

2. How do I get my blogroll to list the daily blogs I follow, with a small image and a blip on the most recent post – so that it’s more enticing than just a boring list?

3. And this is the biggie…how do I change the look of the “Comment” button at the bottom of a post? The current one is teeny tiny and my old eyes have a hard time seeing it and it’s my blog! And yes, I got the css upgrade so I could, conceivably, it it’s very simple, swap a code (But need precise directions).

Any help out there in wordpress land?? Hmmm.  Let’s see how friendly this new neighborhood really is…c’mon, I know you can lend a hand.  Thanks in advance!

>It’s Aliiiiiiveeeee!


Nope, we are not talking about the creepy baby doll. (but yeah, that is too, jeepers!)

My cell! My blackberry: lifeline with all my contacts and connection to email!
It worked!

The rice bag really worked!

See Bird up there, that’s how I would look if I was young and cute with fabulous hair. See Miss M up next to her, that’s how we all looked, in disbelief and amazement.
I even (just today) schlepped to the cell phone store to check out my options when I found inevitably found it really was dead. And came out of the store kind of bummed, it was not an easy fix. No, correction, it was an easy fix. It was just a pricey fix that I didn’t want to make. (Though I could upgrade to a slick new model, which would be cool….but, ahem, frivolous! Right, I knew that.) And oh, all that info, that data, those phone numbers and addresses, all gone – yikes!

So, I came home, loaded with my options. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath, pulled the phone parts from the bag of rice. They were all dusty (is this another layer of problem, rice dust, oy). I blew it all off, cleaned it all up, ever so gingerly. I put it back together, pushed on. And waited. And waited. And watched the sand timer spin and spin and spin. Then it went blank. White screen. OH NO….. And then up popped my little picture of my favorite Mary icon, my background and up popped my emails zipping in to my inbox. It’s alive! Yahoo!

I know, you might think how doofy I must be to be so thrilled. But, this is a nice little victory and happy surprise for me. And ok, I am doofy and a dork. But hey, I am a CONNECTED dork, so I don’t care! Plus, I even backed up my contacts and photos, sent them all to the big computer….just in case we are just in a last gasp situation. Because, you know….ya never know!

Anyhow, I have to go email Natalie and let her know my number is good again…because we all know that’s the real reason I carry my cell with me everywhere: we are waiting for a court date and I gotta make sure I can receive that call!

>Sunday stupidity


{If I was cute and a toddler like Gabey, my face would’a looked like this.}

The topic of confession has come up. I went to confession even yesterday. As you might imagine, as a Catholic, I have many thoughts on this subject. It is near to my heart. Those thoughts are not all well gelled or pulled together, and they may never get there. Even so, I have much to say on Becca’s latest post.
But I’ll save the bulk of it for another time.
You’re welcome.

However, in the spirit of Becca’s post, on the facet of confession as owning up to our imperfections, I give you this: my Sunday stupidity.

Yes, I accidentally dropped my Blackberry cell in the tub.
I know, it surprised and shocked me too! (No, not literally, thank goodness!)
No I was not going to use it, I had carelessly set it on a towel. It fell.
Yes, I do feel like an idiot, thank you for asking.
Yes, I am in fear that it is quite dead, but am trying to let it dry out, despite my pleasantly surprisingly swift reflex on grabbing it out of the water in the deluded hope that it wouldn’t get as wet somehow.
No, I did not back it up and had a fair lot of data on it (you might remember, we are remiss in this area and apparently, never learn. Old dogs and all….).

So, this is my Sunday stupidity confession….on the cultural/mom level. No supermom here, no rocket scientist. Just careless mom. Oh dear.

Calling all techies: I am open to suggestions on fixes if you’ve done this too!

>One last Christmas gift from my husband


Coffeedoc has gone and done it again.He has given me perhaps the best gift of the season:
the recovery of our crashed hard drive!
We hemmed and hawed on if we wanted to spend the money and give it a try. It’s a dicey project at best and we’ve tried it once before, long ago with a different drive, and it didn’t work well. But, we finally decided to give it a go.And this morning I woke up to all of our old pictures, and emails, and documents back on our computer, with a new improved back up system in place! I think I cried to see all the pics back again: from when the kids were little ones, old amazing vacations and travels, even some of our referral and update pics of Gabriel. So really: priceless! What a gift, one last one before Christmas triple officially ends tomorrow with the feast of the baptism of our Lord.
Thank you Coffeedoc!
I love my husband and his sweet, sentimental, and generous heart!

>Dead Drive

>Our hard drive is dead.  Dead.  We have another older computer to use for posting (whew) and the basics but the drive with ALL our photos and data and documents is dead.  It was not a fun day yesterday.  ND lost in the longest game in their history, 4 overtimes.  And our hard drive crashed dead.  So tomorrow we go for another, but don’t know if we can recover anything (oh those pics!).  I even had just put our  halloween pics on the computer and now even they are lost too.  Tough lesson, again, to backup.  

So the posts might be weird for a bit.  I’ll hit up my boys for their photos and  hope for duplicates of some (Africa, especially).  I fear the old ones are the goners though and I must say it’s kind of heartbreaking.  Another lesson in detachment I guess.  
I’ve been reading Dorothy Day’s memoirs (and really, so much wonderful stuff in there, but it’s not a quick read) and she speaks often of the “duty of delight.”  I’d better go reread that part again.  So, this Sunday, I will ponder that instead of the data loss, I will work on detaching from my control panic and instead on how to find and practice the joyful duty, a la Dorothy Day.  

>Copmuter Crash, trying not to panic….

>Ok, our main computer seems to have had a hard drive crash. Perhaps this is a left over trick from last night?? But hey, I would have given out the treats, I’ve got bowls of candy left over!

So I’m trying to breathe: hoo ha hoo hoo ha, and to wait for Coffeedoc to get back from his morning outing and help recover it. This hard drive had everything: pics, documents (adoption ones) emails forever….hoo hoo ha, breathe. {And please, no lectures, yes I know about backing up, and we haven’t well enough and we are bad at maintenance…I don’t need the stress right now, thanks though}

This computer is a MAC for pete’s sake! I thought they didn’t crash! For the moment, I am off to surf the net on this old computer and hope to find some simple easy “press these two buttons” recovery prescription. Good thing I have all that candy, this is stressing me out, I might need some help from Baby Ruth.

If any of you out in blogdom have any experience and a quick simple fix, please email me (I can get it on my cell).


>No, I don’t know why blogger is glitchy…it is the outage? But my post is having “black holes” and weird windows to other sites. Sorry all, I am once again, out of techie range here and hoping for time to stop the glitch! However if you click the title of the Alert Hospital post, below, then it will take you to a page with just that post and NO black hole. Sigh. Sorry and I hope it fixes back soon!