>Sunday stupidity


{If I was cute and a toddler like Gabey, my face would’a looked like this.}

The topic of confession has come up. I went to confession even yesterday. As you might imagine, as a Catholic, I have many thoughts on this subject. It is near to my heart. Those thoughts are not all well gelled or pulled together, and they may never get there. Even so, I have much to say on Becca’s latest post.
But I’ll save the bulk of it for another time.
You’re welcome.

However, in the spirit of Becca’s post, on the facet of confession as owning up to our imperfections, I give you this: my Sunday stupidity.

Yes, I accidentally dropped my Blackberry cell in the tub.
I know, it surprised and shocked me too! (No, not literally, thank goodness!)
No I was not going to use it, I had carelessly set it on a towel. It fell.
Yes, I do feel like an idiot, thank you for asking.
Yes, I am in fear that it is quite dead, but am trying to let it dry out, despite my pleasantly surprisingly swift reflex on grabbing it out of the water in the deluded hope that it wouldn’t get as wet somehow.
No, I did not back it up and had a fair lot of data on it (you might remember, we are remiss in this area and apparently, never learn. Old dogs and all….).

So, this is my Sunday stupidity confession….on the cultural/mom level. No supermom here, no rocket scientist. Just careless mom. Oh dear.

Calling all techies: I am open to suggestions on fixes if you’ve done this too!

6 thoughts on “>Sunday stupidity

  1. >You will not believe I just saw a segment on TV talking about what to do if this happens. 1. Turn the cell/blackberry off right away and take the battery out. 2. Don’t shake it trying to get any water out. 3. Let it air dry for about an hour and then bury it in a tub of dry rice (I kid you not!) the rice acts to wick the water out. OK I don’t remember how long you were supposed to let it stay in the rice I think it was anywhere from a few days to a week. 4. Then try turning it on. According to Mr. Techman on TV you do have a chance at it still working as long as the water didn’t actually short out any circuits. Good luck!!

  2. >How cool are you Maureen!?OH boy! I had already put it in the dry rice! It’s in a ziplock bag, w/ battery pulled and back open and buried in rice. We’ll hope for the best, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath……ugh. THanks!

  3. >Oh, Sister, you’re probably right, of course you are, you’re a Sister! Gee whiz! I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe I should ask my guardian angel for advice? (just left your blog and found you here, crossing paths, very fun).

  4. >um, Sister commented on my blog. I think I’m famous now, and must be on the road to Catholicism. wowzers! anyway, I’m ready for your real confession post. this is just the every day stuff, right? I mean, we all drop our cell phones in the bath, or toilet, every so often, right???? ha!hope you can revive it! (hmmm… interesting choice of words there… i’ve been asking for my soul to be revived… is it strange that my soul and a blackberry are on the same wavelength for me?…)


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