>We have all had such a great time having Buddybug home over Christmas break.
Our house has been filled with music and laughs and a little more peace.
And tomorrow he leaves to drive back to school. It’s time. But I am listening to him play the piano and sing. And it makes my heart fill up, it’s one of my very favorite things, listening to him sing and play. It’s a gift. But, knowing he is leaving makes me a bit conflicted and is bittersweet. I am both happy and sad, happy for him to head back to where is doing so well, happy for the time with him here, happy for the music. And springing just a few leaks, as I listen.

>One last Christmas gift from my husband


Coffeedoc has gone and done it again.He has given me perhaps the best gift of the season:
the recovery of our crashed hard drive!
We hemmed and hawed on if we wanted to spend the money and give it a try. It’s a dicey project at best and we’ve tried it once before, long ago with a different drive, and it didn’t work well. But, we finally decided to give it a go.And this morning I woke up to all of our old pictures, and emails, and documents back on our computer, with a new improved back up system in place! I think I cried to see all the pics back again: from when the kids were little ones, old amazing vacations and travels, even some of our referral and update pics of Gabriel. So really: priceless! What a gift, one last one before Christmas triple officially ends tomorrow with the feast of the baptism of our Lord.
Thank you Coffeedoc!
I love my husband and his sweet, sentimental, and generous heart!