>It’s Aliiiiiiveeeee!


Nope, we are not talking about the creepy baby doll. (but yeah, that is too, jeepers!)

My cell! My blackberry: lifeline with all my contacts and connection to email!
It worked!

The rice bag really worked!

See Bird up there, that’s how I would look if I was young and cute with fabulous hair. See Miss M up next to her, that’s how we all looked, in disbelief and amazement.
I even (just today) schlepped to the cell phone store to check out my options when I found inevitably found it really was dead. And came out of the store kind of bummed, it was not an easy fix. No, correction, it was an easy fix. It was just a pricey fix that I didn’t want to make. (Though I could upgrade to a slick new model, which would be cool….but, ahem, frivolous! Right, I knew that.) And oh, all that info, that data, those phone numbers and addresses, all gone – yikes!

So, I came home, loaded with my options. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath, pulled the phone parts from the bag of rice. They were all dusty (is this another layer of problem, rice dust, oy). I blew it all off, cleaned it all up, ever so gingerly. I put it back together, pushed on. And waited. And waited. And watched the sand timer spin and spin and spin. Then it went blank. White screen. OH NO….. And then up popped my little picture of my favorite Mary icon, my background and up popped my emails zipping in to my inbox. It’s alive! Yahoo!

I know, you might think how doofy I must be to be so thrilled. But, this is a nice little victory and happy surprise for me. And ok, I am doofy and a dork. But hey, I am a CONNECTED dork, so I don’t care! Plus, I even backed up my contacts and photos, sent them all to the big computer….just in case we are just in a last gasp situation. Because, you know….ya never know!

Anyhow, I have to go email Natalie and let her know my number is good again…because we all know that’s the real reason I carry my cell with me everywhere: we are waiting for a court date and I gotta make sure I can receive that call!

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