>Not so Wordless Wednesday: Post Birthday Edition


Last week: Gabriel Tariku turned two!
This was his first bday celebration.
So – ripping wrapping paper: check!Great presents: check!
(The boy loves shoes, what can I say?)
But really, it always comes down to the most important birthday features:
cake and candles and song.
And Chocolate!
And…lest we forget, he’s two…
The classic two year old boy bday present: Kidsize Basketball!
After that, well, there was not much more to say.
Except, of course,

4 thoughts on “>Not so Wordless Wednesday: Post Birthday Edition

  1. >Love your blog, can’t believe I hadn’t found it before! I too am a Catholic mom, of just 6, 5 who are biological and 1 daughter through Ethiopian adoption. It is one of my most fervent prayers that we go back and bring home more children to our family some day!Happy Bday to your Gab, he is a sweetie! Blessings,Kristin http://www.irishopian.blogspot.com


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