Calling all techies: WordPress edition

Why, oh why, did I only take art and art history classes in college? Why didn’t someone make me take programming, even in basic? Ok, really, even that probably wouldn’t help me since I was in college in the age of the dinosaurs. I mean, one of my  first jobs after college was designing computer games: the art and the screens you saw and played on {Remember the Amiga? Atari? Plain old basic Apple? Yup}.  So, that should give you some idea of how old I am and also a teeny bit of cred in my tech ability department, right? Hmm, maybe.

That's really me, I dress up all nice like that, every time I post....

Ok, so, I’m fiddling and twiddling with the blog… and getting frustrated a bit.  And since I  have an insanely busy 4-5 days ahead and no time to blog, I’ll leave this here for a few days to see if I can troll for help.

This post is to throw out to the techno space a question or two, because I’m wasting waaaay too much time trying to figure it out: I have a coupla questions:

1. How do I save the theme/settings/look of my blog if I’m practicing w/ another theme setting so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I try out a tweak? I know the whole “child theme” deal, but can’t really figure it out.

2. How do I get my blogroll to list the daily blogs I follow, with a small image and a blip on the most recent post – so that it’s more enticing than just a boring list?

3. And this is the biggie…how do I change the look of the “Comment” button at the bottom of a post? The current one is teeny tiny and my old eyes have a hard time seeing it and it’s my blog! And yes, I got the css upgrade so I could, conceivably, it it’s very simple, swap a code (But need precise directions).

Any help out there in wordpress land?? Hmmm.  Let’s see how friendly this new neighborhood really is…c’mon, I know you can lend a hand.  Thanks in advance!

Moving Day

Hello, hello!!

So, I think I’m moving into new digs here….my new bloggy home.  This is my testing of the space, and I might have to tweak and fuss with it all, so until I’m all settled, please be patient.

Much much to learn…guess I know what’s gonna eat up my free time this weekend. If you all have any tips or caveats, lemme know!! Thanks!

And please, please, once I get settled, could you update your links? Because I’m all insecure and I’ll sulk and worry if no one follows me over here for a cuppa….