Moving Day

Hello, hello!!

So, I think I’m moving into new digs here….my new bloggy home.  This is my testing of the space, and I might have to tweak and fuss with it all, so until I’m all settled, please be patient.

Much much to learn…guess I know what’s gonna eat up my free time this weekend. If you all have any tips or caveats, lemme know!! Thanks!

And please, please, once I get settled, could you update your links? Because I’m all insecure and I’ll sulk and worry if no one follows me over here for a cuppa….

7 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I remember my great trepidation when I moved my blog from Blogger. I was sure nobody would ever find me again – but it was a good move and I have no regrets. I think you will love WordPress – it’s just one more learning curve – but hey, we’re good at learning new things! I am going to update your link on my site – and I must say, I feel quite proud to be getting it done rather than adding it to my crazy “to-do” list. Have a wonderful Sunday.

    • Thanks Lisa! I think I’m gonna like it here. Nice to know I’m not the only one nervous to move….and it IS a learning curve, but I’m gonna give it my best a shot. Thanks for updating your link! Have a wonderful Sunday yourself!


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