>They’re Here……

>Reminiscent of “Poltergeist,” eh?

Kinda….tho we are not talking about ghosts, or aliens, or paranormal activity.
 Nope, we are talking about real plague level bugs and grossness: cicadas.
 Less Spielberg, more redneck….

I don’t fault you if you confused them with locusts; especially as they increase in their hordes and their noise becomes deafening.  They will swarm mowers and cover trees, make dogs sick as they crunch them like popcorn and elicit whoops of joy from boys who torment their sisters.  You crunch them as you walk, you wipe them off your car window with the windshield wipers, you give big spreading trees on the driveway or sidewalk a wide berth…and wear a baseball cap.  Yeah, really, you get the idea…
But, in fact, they are not  locusts and this isn’t divine retribution.

 It’s just bugs.
Lots of them; for 4-5 weeks or so.  
They arrive here in the south on a 13 year cycle and my big boys are laughing at the memory of them and the other kids…well they are not sure what to think…yet.

Me either.  It could go either way; as a trigger to freaking out and anger by my daughter who hates things that mess up routines, as a trigger to freaking out by another daughter who freaks out at any flying bug and bolts inside in paranoia, as a trigger to mischief and pranks by boys big and small…too, too hard to resist (all boys…even the dad person, ahem).

So, we will wait out this cycle and be very glad it’s only once every 13 years.
Summer fun!