Calling all techies: WordPress edition

Why, oh why, did I only take art and art history classes in college? Why didn’t someone make me take programming, even in basic? Ok, really, even that probably wouldn’t help me since I was in college in the age of the dinosaurs. I mean, one of my  first jobs after college was designing computer games: the art and the screens you saw and played on {Remember the Amiga? Atari? Plain old basic Apple? Yup}.  So, that should give you some idea of how old I am and also a teeny bit of cred in my tech ability department, right? Hmm, maybe.

That's really me, I dress up all nice like that, every time I post....

Ok, so, I’m fiddling and twiddling with the blog… and getting frustrated a bit.  And since I  have an insanely busy 4-5 days ahead and no time to blog, I’ll leave this here for a few days to see if I can troll for help.

This post is to throw out to the techno space a question or two, because I’m wasting waaaay too much time trying to figure it out: I have a coupla questions:

1. How do I save the theme/settings/look of my blog if I’m practicing w/ another theme setting so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I try out a tweak? I know the whole “child theme” deal, but can’t really figure it out.

2. How do I get my blogroll to list the daily blogs I follow, with a small image and a blip on the most recent post – so that it’s more enticing than just a boring list?

3. And this is the biggie…how do I change the look of the “Comment” button at the bottom of a post? The current one is teeny tiny and my old eyes have a hard time seeing it and it’s my blog! And yes, I got the css upgrade so I could, conceivably, it it’s very simple, swap a code (But need precise directions).

Any help out there in wordpress land?? Hmmm.  Let’s see how friendly this new neighborhood really is…c’mon, I know you can lend a hand.  Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Calling all techies: WordPress edition

  1. This is probably not helpful, but I’ll tell you anyway. When I clicked on your post from my Google Reader, I could NOT find the comment button whatsoever. When I clicked to the full blog (not just the post) I could find it. Not sure if that was my end or yours.


  2. Hmmmmm. I hate to tell you this, because I’ve been a WordPress user since I started blogging, but I don’t know the answers to your questions. I live with a guy who’s great with tech stuff and that’s the only way I accomplish anything beyond two finger typing on my key board.

    I do like the new blog look, though! Clean and fresh, like the font, and the header is lovely. So don’t give up! At least not yet. There are probably answers to your questions. I just don’t have them 😦


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