>Packing in Prayer


Yup. Packing. Praying.Not done yet.

{You might think so….but NO,
still missing three more suitcases
and three more backpacks.
And quite a bit more prayer for good news to go.}


10 thoughts on “>Packing in Prayer

  1. >M~You guys have been on my mind a lot these past few days. I really pray that (God willing) you are able to travel this weekend. I cna’t wait to see pictures of your 4 girls all together for the first time.Love, Ryane

  2. >So glad to see you guys are leaving soon. I know it might be too late to ask, but would you mind taking a few pics? Not a problem if it doesn’t work. Just leave a comment on blog and then I can send you info. Wishing you a great trip!


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