>Mercy Me

It’s Divine Mercy Sunday!
And this is one of those days where we are reminded, formally so we really get it, of the most important things in life.
Possibly, THE most important thing:
Which means love.
For everyone, everyone deserves it: mercy and love.
We just forget that.

And today, we not only try to remember, but the church all around the world celebrates it and rejoices in it and shouts to us: “Don’t forget this! Trust in it: mercy and love.”

“Doubting Thomas” by Caravaggio

And we all know by now that I have trust issues, it seems.
That’s where the worry and fretting and control freak comes from.
But today we are told, again, and again: “Trust. It’s all about the mercy and love. Trust.”
Ahhhhhh. Relief for the asking, or, the trusting.
Now, that is worth a celebration to me!

And since I can’t say it well, I will send you to Deacon who says it so much better. Really, go read, it only takes a minute and you’ll be glad you did, he connects the dots with our current world so well:

“God’s mercy says to us, very simply,
“You are loved — no matter what. Because everybody is somebody.”

And that is what we celebrate, officially, today.
Ah, mercy, mercy.