>Almost Wordless Wednesday

>This one is for our far flung family.
It’s the prom pics!This is Booboo and his sweet date; a lovely girl in every way.
They sure ‘clean up good!’
And below is a happy pic of happy son and happy parents, so we need it officially “on the record!”I know, I know….. prom pics. But, indulge me….Besides, you knew they were coming…it’s the only way for much of my family to see them. (Not everyone is on facebook…)
And besides, you youngsters…someday this will be you, the mom w/ the pics of her kids….
The best part of prom is that it was seemingly a great success (big shindig at our house, faboo food by another mom, amazing cook!), and it’s done!

2 thoughts on “>Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. >Thanks for the prom pics… just love ’em! What a handsome son with such a cute date. Truth is…. I’m here looking for an update to see if travel is a go. On pins and needles with you today. Blegging for success.


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