>Happy Birthday Booboo!


It’s my son’s birthday today!!He is 17.

There is so much to say about this young man, my boy.
I always get all misty on birthdays.
I won’t be able to write coherently, so that’s right…I feel a list coming on!

My biggest baby, literally.
No joke, he was 9 lbs, 9 oz.
I was in false labor for a month.
He is worth every ounce and every second of it.

Always a sleeper, always will be, still one to this day.
Slept through the night at four weeks, woohooo!
Still loves a good nap.
If it’s Sunday and you can’t find him, check the sofa.

He was an old man the day he was born.
Look at those big brown eyes, you can look way deep in there; old eyes.He loves a good soft cardigan, fuzzy slippers and warm shoes.
He has the most serious expression of any of my kids.
Even as a baby, people asked if he was always so somber.
It’s a fakeout.He is one of my funniest kids.
He can make me laugh til I cry.
Clever, dry as a bone humor.
He will catch you off guard and then give a small smirk.

He knows everything.
Because he is 17.
He found out that he knew everything at 16.
He is an adventurer.
An intrepid traveler.
He is a daredevil.
He is always up for a challenge or a dare.
Especially from his best bud, his big brother.
This is one of the reasons I am gray so young.
He too, is a musician.
Creative from the time he was a tot.
An inventor, of images, music, constraptions.
He has made the most amazing constructions, from anything and everything.
He would fill a room with his lego architectural imagining.
He had a (distressing) phase of turning even discards, trash, into wild constructions.
Something of a dreamer really.

Apple off the tree.
He doesn’t always like it, but in so many ways, so much like his father.
Except maybe overall just an even sweeter heart…(no offense coffeedoc! you have a sweet boy, you know it).
Extra smart, plus street smart in the sense of savvy, good common sense.
He can figure most anything out.
Except perhaps in the ways and minds of his sisters.

Faithful. Utter integrity.
His faith is important to him, but not in a showy way, rather in a deep water kind of way.
Plus, he knows his stuff, his faith.
His theological questions and understanding outstrips many I know.
It’s how his mind works.
He likes to come off as a curmudgeon.
But really, more a curmudgeon who loves practical jokes, adventure spy movies, wants to skydive (again, Dad…), and maybe even fly on a rocket to space.
He is a crazy hard worker, a financial whiz, but frugal (yay).
But the most important thing about my boy, this young man:
Is that he has the biggest heart under that teen shell that you’ll ever find.
We are so very proud of him.
We love him so.

Happy happy birthday Booboo!

2 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Booboo!

  1. >Happy Birthday Booboo! And M, happy day to you remembering this day and all that this young man continues to be! I always love your tributes, especially about your kids. Thanks for sharing a bit of them with us.Rebecca

  2. >Happy birthday Booboo! And happy Birth Day M!It’s young men like Booboo that make me want to add a little boy to the mix… although, maybe not in the 9 lbs.-9 oz.-month-of-false-labor sort of way:)


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