>On this day…


My son, Buddybug, is here.
Washington, D.C.
He is at the annual March for Life with a group from his university.

These are some pics from last year.
Most years Coffeedoc takes a few kids along with him, ours and a few extras. This year he couldn’t get there. But we are there in spirit.
I try not to get too political on this blog.
But it is surely no surprise to anyone that our family, I, we, are pro-life.
We are Catholic.
The Catholic Church has made it’s position on the spectrum of life issues very clear, very simple: All life is sacred. Period. Beginning to end. No matter what, where, who.

And before you get started….I am quite clear on all the facets of this issue, and have worked through different things and thoughts about it all over the years. But finally and fully, as a Catholic who has discovered the deep beauty and richness in the faith, I realized it IS simple. And for me, though I spent years having long and important discussions on all the angles of this and these issues, finally it hit home in the most visceral way possible.

This is why I am pro-life.
Look, really look, at these faces.
How can I not be?

And while the actual March for Life happens today, the more, the most, important event (some might argue this point, but I would disagree) happened last night: the annual Vigil and Mass for Life. In the packed Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, with Bishops and religious and just regular folks from all over (thousands upon thousands), all jam packed in to pray. They wait for hours (often 4-6) before the Mass even begins, just to make sure they have a spot. They pray, they talk and then, they pray in community: the Mass. Here’s a snip from last year. Our Lady of Guadalupe, protector of the unborn, pray for us.

7 thoughts on “>On this day…

  1. >Amen! Jim and I have often talked about making the trek down to DC for the March. Maybe next year will be the year. We are uniting our prayers from afar with those who are there and are watching the events on EWTN today. many blessings,r

  2. >Beautiful. The more children I have…the more I realize what an amazing miracle life is. Gone are the days that I took it for granted. Too many close calls or mini-miracles that allow me to still hold the little people in my care. Each day we have should be a celebration, even for the youngest of us.

  3. >Amen Sister!! My sister is at the walk… and me in spirit too. I want to know why the media is not?? O.K. I’m too political as well but EVERY life matters!! Working with special needs kids has taught me what a gift EVERY child is! EVERY one a blessing from God!!

  4. >friend, i think the most important thing about a pro-life stance is that you support birthmoms and adopt children. And you do that. You follow up your strong believe with actual, real, long-lasting ACTION. And that is more powerful than any words or rhetoric. You are a hero! lovebecca


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