>Aerobic Mass, Part 3

>I know I’ve posted about this before, and it’s not a new concept to me. I’ve had a kid or two over the years…..but it still is somehow always something of a surprise.

Another aerobic Mass today, and we are stepping it up to a new level.
Because Gabriel Tariku is officially two now.
So, I’m just saying…those of you who are doing the Shred (Grace, Jess)?
Those of you who’ve made those new year’s resolutions (not this one, not me)?

I’ve got a whole new workout for you!
It’s got it all: weight lifting, aerobic conditioning, stretching, squats, lunges, pushing that envelope past where you think can keep it…hold it hold it, hold him…..

Yup, take my Gabey to Mass.
Keep him quiet and out of trouble in the vestibule.
If I could only figure out how to package this, I’d have a gold mine.
Aerobic Mass, the toddler IS the workout!
Whew. Again. (I should be buff by the time he’s three!)

8 thoughts on “>Aerobic Mass, Part 3

  1. >I’ve just spent at least an hour reading back over your early blog entries. I read them back when you first posted. But now that I am going to be bringing home a toddler, they took on a whole new meaning.

  2. >Ahh, aerobic masses, I remember them well:)The only comfort to share is LOVE the workout:)!!! They are over way too soon. Tonight while at the 5:30evening Mass, I looked at my four children who were with me. My oldest son is away at college. That is an ache that seems to not go away. But, it was JOY to worship with the rest of my gang. It dawned on me as I watched my youngest daughter, Joy, who turned five on Christmas Eve, actually sitting and standing quietly for a few moments, and, at differing intervals throughout the Mass. I found I not only ached to have my oldest son be there with us, but, I now began to ache for the baby that seems so grown up, my Joy. Next minute she would be standing right between me and the kneeler whispering “UPPPPYYYY”….you bet, I scooped her right up and was so thankful to know she still can be held in my arms and not only in my heart. Enjoy the workouts(Mass)…each and everyone…they end far sooner than you will ever want them to.Have a great week!!!

  3. >Diane, ah, I know that too well….they end so soon. My oldest boy is a soph away in college now too. We miss him every day. So I can slow down and enjoy the head hugs and the rare occasion when he falls asleep on me….between the lunges and squats and dead-lifts at Mass! Thanks for your nice comment. M

  4. >”A kid or two..” hahahaha!Before I had a kid or two I use to think before were off their rockers for saying they did not need to work out because they had little kids to keep up with. I apologize for ever doubting them! So true!!Rebecca

  5. >HA! That sounds alot like little Miss Eliana Hiwot! And if I am not holding her, she is getting into something! :0) I finally just replaced the Ergo that was left in Ethiopia (in our driver’s confiscated car!) and it has been such a blessing! She loves it and and I can confine all 30 lbs of her! Woo Hoo! Blessings,Kristy


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